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Modern society is based on law, and as society undergoes change and evolves, so also must laws adapt to serve the changing needs and goals of citizens. Each passing year brings changes to the law as legislators enact, revoke and amend new or existing laws to better serve the needs of their constituents, as well as the greater good. 

The law applies to all, so it only makes sense to stay aware of new and changing legislation. As a service to our clients and the general public, Roadlawyers will share information as it becomes available about legal issues in Alberta that could affect you or your lifestyle. Be sure to check back often for updates to stay informed. Have questions? Contact us to learn more.

A San Francisco Tesla owner has learned the hard way that driving drunk is still illegal, even with an active driver-assistance system.

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Changes are coming to the way drunk drivers are policed and prosecuted in Alberta with the provincial government set to issue a directive to police that will largely decriminalize impaired driving. 

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Ryan Jespersen discusses the NDP’s decision to decriminalize drunk driving with guest Timothy Foster. 

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Timothy Foster discusses the push to largely decriminalize drunk driving in Alberta.

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