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Keep yourself updated with the latest news and policies in Alberta. Roadlawyers is proud to share a few articles and resources for its clients. Please get in touch with us for further information.

Cannabis Impairment

Study Debunks “Zero Tolerance” of THC

Since the first announcement that marijuana was going to be legalized across the country, everybody has been weighing in on what role a THC limit should play in criminal courts or workplace safety requirements.

Alberta Administrative Licence Suspension and Your Insurance

Impaired driving convictions, including convictions for refusing to provide a breath sample, or blowing over the legal limit, come with severe consequences. Most people know them without even thinking about it – criminal conviction, high fine, driving prohibitions.

3 Changes to DUI Laws in Canada

On December 18, 2018, Canada’s new DUI laws came into effect. The new DUI laws have brought in a number of unprecedented changes that have DUI lawyers revamping their defence strategies and taking extra steps to inform their clients on how to protect themselves. Here are 3 changes that every driver needs to be aware of.

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